The weather, the lifestyle and especially the people make Tucson a great place to live. Since Tucson was founded it has been a mecca for innovation, culture, tourism and vitality – and is powered by people. For over two centuries Tucson has been a destination for guests from all over the world who experience the uniqueness of the area’s mix of ethnicity and culture. The once small college town (now major university location second-to-none) is rich with many wonderful faculty and students. Davis Monthan Air Force Base has been the home to thousands of personnel stationed at the base over the decades providing an ever-changing mix of diversity. People are the heart of our town – welcoming and inspirational, innovative and inclusive, enthusiastic and responsible about sustaining our community into the future.

In the campaign process, meeting hundreds of people with their individual stories of how they came here and why they live in Tucson, how they thrive in our midst, and their dreams – make a rich fabric for the lifestyle here.