On April 27, 2023, Honorable Gary Cohen, Arizona Superior Court Judge accepted a challenge by the Ackerley Campaign and affirmed that Zach Yentzer (I) did not submit enough valid signatures to be included on the November 7, 2023, ballot for Mayor of City of Tucson. That cleared a path for Ackerley to be the sole Independent candidate, with no primary, proceeding directly to the General Election.

Ed Ackerley , an Independent Candidate for Mayor of the City of Tucson, submitted 4700 signatures (2952 required) from Tucson voters to qualify for the November election.
Ackerley submitted more signatures than any candidate and filed almost 60 percent more signatures than needed (4543 accepted by the clerk).

Ackerley is a Clean Elections candidate. Any United States citizen who wishes to support Ackerley For Mayor can donate $10 to a maximum of $500 per person at www.ackerleyformayor.com or contact Campaign Manager Andrew Birgensmith andrew@ackerleyformayor.com

Ackerley is in his second bid for Mayor. In 2019 he garnered 39.6% of the vote, winning most precincts east of Craycroft. With a campaign theme of “Help Ed Fix Tucson!”, Ackerley will focus on public safety to try to increase the number of Tucson Police Officers from the estimated 752 to 1000 by 2025. Public safety also includes enforcing municipal laws especially illegal fentanyl use, confronting blatant stealing by lawless criminals, aggressive solutions to homelessness, filling potholes and repaving and repairing roads, returning city parks to families and youth, and cleaning medians. Additionally, Ackerley would like to market Tucson to create higher paying jobs, bolstering existing businesses, streamline development services and courts, and implement a 100-year sustainable water plan.

Dr. Ackerley is co-owner of Ackerley Advertising, a full-service advertising agency celebrating 55 years in business. Ackerley is a faculty member at the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. Ackerley and his wife Susan are Tucson natives and have three grown sons and two grandsons.

For more information: Dr. Ed Ackerley (520) 850-7058