Photo By Martha Lochert

Thanks to all the volunteers who gathered signatures for Dr. Ed Ackerley’s campaign for Mayor of Tucson. Over forty volunteers gave of their time standing in front of libraries, public events and other high traffic locations in Tucson and also for going door to door to ask for a signature and support. Thank you to every Tucsonan who signed the petition. We look forward to you helping us expand our base of supporters to win in November.

5200 Signatures

On Tuesday, May 28th we turned in 5200 signatures to the city clerk, more than any other candidate. ┬áThe Ackerley for Mayor campaign is building up a head of steam and there is real excitement about the number of people who think, “It is time for something different in Tucson politics.”

Photo by Martha Lochert
Close up of Dr. Ed Ackerley's Signature
Photo by Martha Lochert
Turning in signatures at Office of the City Clerk
Photo by Martha Lochert

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Chris and Ed Ackerley collecting signatures at Gaslight Theatre on Friday, February 1, 2019.